Clothes make the Donkey

Clothes make the Donkey

Isn’t it amazing how mere choice of costumes brings to life completely different characters.

During our first try-outs last week we spent a good deal of our time creating different costumes for our donkeys. In the short improvisations that ensued these costumes brought to life very different characters. The donkey giant heads are always the same ones.


Donkey Burglar

Costume no.1 is this rocker style donkey with leather jacket and fingerless leather gloves who just breaks into our rehearsal room.

Donkey from Giant Heads Theatre Company as Burglar Breaking into a House
A donkey burglar breaking into our rehearsal room in a full fleshed rocker outfit.


Elderly Donkey Couple

Only a few minutes later the burglar donkey has transformed into this friendly elderly gentle-donkey who poses for a photo together with this wife.

Two old donkey - The Giant Heads Mask Theatre Company

The Donkey Girl

The next Giant Head character is only just one costume change away: The elderly donkey lady transforms into this young donkey girl.



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