Glue Job

Glue Job

Giant Heads re-work: Getting ready to work on the interior of a donkey giant head. Yvonne Dicketmüller has her hot glue gone charged.




Making  Giant Heads

Alright, it’s time for donkey 2.0. Originally, I designed a foam interior for the first donkey giant head. To adjust the mask to the needs of the show it first appeared in (the opera „Fairy Queen“ at Folkwang University) I filled in some extra weight at the back of the giant head. That way the donkey was able to look all the way down onto somthing lying on the floor. (This might not sound like a very unique requirement. However, for a giant head extreme angles in performances can be a little tricky on the technical side. Especially, for animals like donkeys where the front part of the head is fairly long and thus heavy as compared to the back part.)

Cardboard Solutions

The first donkey giant head worked prfectly in the opera. Weight-wise though it did turn out a little heavy because of the extra weight in the back. When I made the second donkey, I tried to improve on this issue. What I came up with is a cardboard solution that works without the foam. So, basically inside of the donkey giant head are many cardboard strips which hold a helmet in just the right position.

During our first giant head try-outs last week, Minju and I came to really like this cheap and much lighter solution. So, I decided to rework the interior of the first head as well and: Today’s the day where it happens. The hot glued has warmed up and reached the perfect temperature, the cardboard strips are ready and  I am off to rework the giant head.

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