About Us

About Us

Yvonne Dicketmüller is founder, performer and mask masker at the Giant Head Mask Theatre Company from Bochum, Germany.

Yvonne Dicketmüller

Yvonne is founder and performer at the Giant Heads Mask Theatre Company. She is also the designer and maker of the giant heads. Yvonne made the donkey masks with a lot of love, passion and a few more earthly ingredients such as clay, papier mâché and loads of time. Here you see Yvonne all excited about a freshly delivered parcel containing different types of foam. And foam – as every donkey lover knows – is what giant heads are made of (on the inside, … at least in the first version …).


Minju Kim

Minju is founding member and performer at the Giant Heads Mask Theatre Company. She’s a professional actress with a B.A. in acting and a physical theatre artist and performer.
Minju first performed one of the donkey giant heads during the Fairy Queen opera at Folkwang University in 2017. With the Giants Heads Mask Theatre Company she develops and performs donkey-tastic solo and multi-player theatrical works.